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Survey Deliverunion

Hier geht es zum Fragebogen auf Deutsch!

    Dear bike courier,

    we are very interested in your working conditions. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions. It will help us to work together with you to improve your living and working conditions. The survey is anonymous. We neither save any personal data nor do we transfer any information to third parties.

    1.) For what company do you work?

    1.2) other:

    3.) How long have you been working for this company?

    4.) How many days per week do you work?

    5.) For how long have you been a bike courier altogether?

    6.) For how much longer do you want to work as a bike courier?

    7.) How much do you earn after taxes and other deductions on average per month?

    8.) How many hours per week do you need to work to earn that amount?

    9.)Can you make a living working as a bike courier?

    10.) Are you employed/self-employed/fake-self-employed?

    11.) Do you get bonuses for vacations, Christmas or other reasons?

    12.) Does your current job provide you with social security (health, retirement, accident and unemployment insurance), or do you fund it yourself?

    13.) Do you have a contact person to consult with if you are in trouble (person of trust, works council, trade union functionary)?

    14.) Do you get money from your company, if something on your bike is broken?

    15.) Who decides on your working schedule?

    16.) Have you experienced any kind of sexual harassment at work?

    17.) Bare you experiencing bullying by your superiors or other bike couriers?

    18.) Are your invoices always correct?

    19.) I want an organizer to contact me

    I want an organizer to contact me

    20.) Please fill in your email address and phone number, if we should contact you.



    21.) Do you want to tell us anything else?