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    Welcome to the IWW in Austria!

    To help you finding your place in the IWW we ask you to answer some questions. All informations will be handled strictly confidential and will only be saved for union purposes. Basis is our data protection policy. Feel encouraged to not fill out parts that you don't want to answer. Any questions left? Write an email to our secretariat: office[at]iww.or.at

    I want to become a member of the IWW and hereby affirm:

    1. I am a worker and not an employer. This includes employees, false self-employees, unemployeds, pupils, students, trainees and retirees.

    2. I am not an employer. I do not have the means and am not in the position to hire or fire workers.

    3. I support the basic convictions of the IWW. I will pursue my membership according to its regulations and will adopt it's principles.


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